Vastu Shastra while building a house
Vastu Shastra while building a house House construction in Vastu follows a lot of rules and here are the general ones that you have to follow. The concept of architecture in Vastu has been adapted to make sure that humans lead a harmonious life with their surroundings and selves.
Well: If possible, try digging a well in the north- east corner of your house and use the ground water that you get from this source to construct the house. This can bring a lot of luck to you. Make sure that there are no wells in the southwest corners. This can be a huge problem and bring a lot of bad luck to you and the rest of the family as well.
Open space: A house can be lucky only if there is open space around the building and the whole extent of the house. This is the only way one can ensure that there is enough air flow throughout the building. Vastu and architecture provide for a healthy living and this is an essential component of the same. It is best if the open space is larger in the eastern direction- where the sun rises, and lesser in the western corners. Make sure that the open space in the north- west and south- east are equal.
Shadow of trees: There are some people who think that one should not build the house under the shadow of a tree. However, this is really not true and Vastu Shastra says nothing against building houses under trees.
So, you can plant trees in almost all the directions of the house. But the heavy trees and the big trees should be planted in the south, west and south- west of the house. The smaller plants, saplings and creepers can be planted in the north, east and north-east. This is to make sure that the big trees are not blocking out the light or the air into the house from this direction.
Construct house in south, west: The south west direction in most places is higher than the north or the east ones, so it would be valuable for you to build your house in this corner. According to Vastu and architecture, when the house is constructed on this side, there would be lesser chances of fighting, quarrelling, financial crises etc.
Vastu pooja: Architecture in Vastu is a concept of building houses in a way that you evoke all positive energies. It is not a concept that encourages poojas in the house. You might have heard about the concept of Vastu pooja, but it is not a legitimate thing. This is a science and there is no need for you to have a pooja in your house for the science to work.
Buying old houses: When you buy an old house, the first thing you should do is to paint it. It would be best if you could paint the house yourself or at least join in the painting activities.
South- north: If the southern portion of your house is larger than the northern portion, or is higher, the plot is really auspicious. In this case, you can certainly build the house on the southern portion, to get the most out of this positive energy from the southern side.
Doors: There should be no doors in the southwest corners or the southwest portion of the house. It is best if the doors face north or east. Doors should also open inside and not outside. When the door opens inside, it stands for inviting popular powers and positive energy. However, the door opening outside would be bad for the positive energy- it would actually drive the good energy away.
Windows: Throughout the Vastu house, make sure that there are no windows towards the south- western side. This will lead people into looking at bad luck whenever they are in the room and it will also draw negative energy in.
Foundation: When the digging is happening to lay the foundation, make sure that you start from the east, go to the north, then to the west, and lastly, southwest.
Filling the foundation: When you are filling the foundation of the house, start pouring the concrete at the south west first, then south, west, east and north.
Flooring heights: When you are laying the tiles, start in the north and go to the south. Then go from the east to the west.

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